Kathy Stauffer

Kathy Stauffer


Phone: 360-815-4718

Email: kstauffer@windermere.com

Kathy Stauffer

Managing Broker

My name is Kathy Stauffer and I have been calling Semiahmoo home for the past 32 years. Being a transplant from California, the transition from sunny California sunshine to the crystal raindrops of Washington State has been an easy and enjoyable one. I treasure my webbed feet, as they are not only a testament to the weather but also the environment that it creates. Spectacular air to breath, beautiful forests filled with fabulous fir trees and miles of protected shoreline to greet me in my morning walks.

Moving to Whatcom County changed my life. I can say that easily now with profound conviction because I've lived a lot of different places. I grew up in Western Colorado, spent my college years in Oklahoma (a great place to be from) and spent the early part of my career in Florida working for that magical mouse. From coast to coast I've lived in great neighborhoods and made lots of friends along the way. I actually like moving...it gives me a chance to clean my closets.

A funny thing happened when I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I can't explain it really. Perhaps it was one of those August sunsets that defy description setting over the Bay or maybe it was seeing a half a dozen Bald Eagles perch on a tree down on the spit. Maybe it was the safety and security of small town living and the warmth and welcome from the people of Blaine. Maybe it was the focus and direction of the school for my son or the camaraderie at a Blaine High School Football game. Perhaps, like friendship is formed; you`re not quite sure when it happens only that it does.

I am a Managing Broker with all the designations, but mostly I'm just a dedicated professional I've been selling real estate for the past 31 years and have been fortunate to hold the number one selling position for Semiahmoo for years. I am in the service business. I am results oriented and customer service driven. My goal is to help you achieve your dreams when it comes to real estate; whether it's finding your dream home or connecting you with the right builder. It's all about what you`re looking for and trying to help you find it. Most of the time, I'm pretty successful at it. I look forward to meeting you and helping you anyway I can. Talk to you soon!